Thursday, 12 February 2015

Happy #Habdash

To say I’m happy to have launched #habdash is a BIG understatement. I’d been sitting on the idea of a craft subscription box for the best part of a year. Not the usual ‘project in a box’ kind that ties you to a specific task but one that is there to simply inspire. Carefully selected craft supplies that will leave you brimming with ideas for possible creations, and of course with a big dose of Pocket and Pin style thrown in! 

I have to credit the sudden rush of #habdash activity to my lovely penpals, #ladywriters, Lexie and Christine. I’d been stuck in a rather large rut with Pocket & Pin and they gave be a well needed kick up the butt! I also have to give Lexie the credit for the name!
It’s been a complete rollercoaster in a whirlwind ride getting it setup and I have to admit I’m doing a lot of post launch back filling on the admin side of things! I’m a typical creative person, steaming ahead with the fun bits and leaving the boring but very important stuff to last! However even the less creative side of this has actually been fun, I’ve learnt loads in a very short time and it’s actually had a positive impact on the rest of my little business empire too. Happy Days!
The first box, which had  a rosey red Valentine theme sold out in an hour on 11th Jan and two weeks later I was shipping them out and well into planning the next box. 

#habdash now has 40 subscribers and now I’ve got used to the workload I’ve decided to increase the amount of subscriptions available by 10 each month. New subscriptions go on sale on 1st of every month at 12 Noon (GMT)
I’m having such fun planning and researching themes and products to make each box special! Its fab to see what everyone makes with their boxes too, Checkout #myhabdash or #habdash on twitter or instagram to keep up!
Here are a few pics of some of my favourite makes from our february #habdash box from our lovely subscribers…

Happy #habdashing!

Sarah x

Pocket and Pin